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BMA Ram Expo and Working Dog Auction 2018

Bathurst Merino Association Ram Expo and Working Dog Auction
is being held between 10am - 3pm on Saturday the 11th of August 2018
at the Bathurst Showground.

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Page last updated: 05/08/2018

Spot, Male, 2 years old
Sire:Capree Crash Dam: Blinkbonnie Rainbow
Description: Dog that loves his work and a free backer
Working Style: Sheep, Cattle
Training: Broken In
Vendor: Peter Moore

Bully, Male, 1 year old
Sire: Claselle Toss
Dam: Blinkbonnie Rainbow
Description: Calm young dog started in paddock and yard.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock & Sheep
Training: Started
Vendor: Peter Moore

Pip, Female, 3 years old
Sire: Capreee Rebel
Dam: Blinkbonnie Rainbow
Description: Real strong bitch will bite cattle
on the nose and heal, good on rams, backs well.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock, Sheep & Cattle
Training: Broken In
Vendor: Peter Moore
Lovie, Female, 3 years old Sire: Capree Rebel
Dam: Blinkbonnie Rainbow
Description: Works sheep and cattle paddock and yard
backs a race good all round dog.
Working Styles: Yard, paddock, Sheep & Cattle
Training: Advanced
Vendor: Kaye Moore

Heartland Thunder, Male, 2.5 years old Sire: Heartland Thunder
Dam: Capree Skye IV
Description: Young dog showing plenty of potential all round
station dog. Has done plenty of yard work and has become a
go to dog for working x bred sheep and shifting cattle. This
dog has a great nature and will continue to develop into a
quality all round station dog.
Working Styles: Started in Paddock, Yard, sheep, cattle.
Training: Well started
Vendor: David Whitby

Heartland Wilga, Male, 3 year old
Sire: Heartland Spur
Dam: Capree Skye IV
Description: Wilga is a big tough dog that has had plenty of
yard work experience drafting 1000s of sheep at Forbes sale
yards. This along with extensive experience gained through
running a full station program with crossbred and merino sheep
on a 22,000 acres property has made him into a handy work unit.
Working Style: Yard, Paddock, Sheep & Cattle
Training: Advanced
Vendor: David Whitby

Tundabardi Kelly, Female, 3.5 year old
Sire: Neals Den
Dam: Tundabardi Cassie.
Description: Kelly is a trained red and tan kelpie bitch, easy
to handle and is safe on stock. Shes wide in the paddock but easy
to bring up. Works sheep and cattle, good bitch to run in a team.
Follow a horse, rides on a ute or bike. Kelly is a easy no stress
type of bitch. Shes has one litter of pups showing distance and
fast footwork. Shes the younger sister to Tundabardi Buster whos
won the National Championships and the USD.
Working Styles: Paddock, Sheep, Cattle
Training: Advanced
Vendor: Adam James

Jindi Rosie, Female, 7 months
Sire: Tundabardi Buster
Dam: Kinsley Sally
Description: Young red and tan bitch. Sire is elite mustering dog.
Rosie should make a good work bitch. She has a good amount of eye,
heaps of back in a drench race and should be a competent backing bitch.
Working Styles: Paddock, Sheep
Training: Started

Stanford Moose, Male, 20 months
Sire: Claselle Toss
Dam: Stanford Pig
Description: Big strong dog, backs and barks with good presence. Easy to
get along with in yards and small paddock jobs.
Working Styles: Yard, Sheep & Cattle
Training: Well started / Broken in
Vendor: Peter Rutherford

Stanford Marlin, Male, 21 months
Sire: Capree Crash
Dam: Glenfaba Squeek
Description: Well Started/Broken in dog. Doing small jobs on sheep and cattle
alone and in a team. Backs and Barks on command.
Working Styles: Yard, Sheep
Training: Well started/Broken in

Capree Slide, Male, 2 year old
Sire: Glenfaba Skid
Dam: Capree Sophie
Description: Slide is a well started with plenty of potential. He works both
paddock and yard with ease. He is ready to take home and progress with his training.
Slide has plenty of breeding behind him he is out of Chris Stapleton good bitch
Capree Sophie by Glenfaba Skid who is also a proven cattle trial winning dog.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock
Training: Well Started
Vendor: Mat & Kerry Connor

Gundagai Shelly, Female, 5 year old
Sire: Dunn's Scud
Dam: Dunn's Toot
Description: Black and White bitch. Has mustered goats mainly for the
last 3 years. Shelly is a small mob specialist on her own but has pulled up
mobs 130 goats on her own. Shelly is a softer style of bitch until in a team
situation. She has had 1 litter.
Working Styles: Paddock
Training: Advanced
Vendor: Nashua Brown

Red, Male, 13 months old
Description: nice style on sheep and goats, softer type and so far been silent
Working Style: Paddock, Sheep
Training: Started

Mel, Female, 10 months old
Description: Black and Tan with some white on chest, Keen little bitch who has a bit of
push when needed has a bit of bark in yards occasionally in the paddock.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock and Sheep
Training: Started

Fernlee Diesel, Male, 3 year old
Sire: Fernlee Percy
Dam: Kingsley April
Description: Diesel is a fully broken in, proven station and trial dog. He is a tough dog
with plenty of free back and bark. Will work sheep or cattle. He excels in the yards, shed and
truck work. He is a dog that you can use for any job and will easily slot into work for a new handler.
Working Styles: Yard, Sheep
Training: Advanced
Vendor: William Fitzpatrick

Blockemup Mouse, Male, 6 months
Sire: Caldora Dusty
Dam: Blockemup Poppy
Working Styles: Sheep
Training: Started
Vendor: Paul Adams

Blockemup Jacko, Male, 6 months
Sire: Caldora Dusty
Dam: Blockemup Poppy
Working styles: Sheep
Training: Started

Willshaw Millie, Female, 18 months
Sire: Coogee Trooper
Dam: Kellerslea Twistie
Description: Well Started bitch with good eye and cover, free moving bitch, free backing with
some bark on command.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock, Sheep
Training: Well Started
Vendor: Nathan Shaw

Koonana Jats, Female, 15 months
Sire: Koonana Cracka
Dam: Marista Bec
Description: Stray eye bitch with good distance good bark in yards, started backing, good bite on cattle.
Working Styes: Yard, Paddock, Sheep, Cattle
Training: Well Started

Willie, Male, 12 months
Description: Station bred dog from Wyreema Lines. Good temperament and easy to get along with starting to learn
sides and has done some work on large mobs in a team.
Working Style: Sheep
Training: Started
Vendor: Olly Hanson

Chocco, Male 2 year old
Sire: Jed S/B
Description: Chocco is a fully trained red and tan kelpie. His is a big strong leggy type dog that
covers a lot of ground quickly. He can be sentblindly and recover stock in the paddock. Chocco will
work in the shed, truck and yards with ease. in the last 6 weeks He has mustered over $3000 worth
of goat. He just recently completed a full trial course at Hawkesbury Trial. His grandsire was bought
from wagga dog auction in 2007. 'woodridge rex'. He is a pleasure to work and would be great to have
in any team.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock and Sheep
Training: Advanced
Vendor: Jacob Ryan

Tamboolous Darcy M 10 months
Sire: Ryans Costa S/B
Dam: Tamboolous Annie
Description: Darcy has been started and is proving to be a very smart dog that keeps great distance
and has plenty of calmness but enough grit to get the job done. Darcy has good cover.
Working Styles: Yard, Paddock, Sheep and Cattle
Training: Started

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