Colonsay Stud

The Colonsay Kelpie Stud, in central west of NSW Australia, was first established as Kirralong in 1990 by Colin McPhee as the sole owner. This was changed to Colonsay when daughter Kirby joined Colin in this venture in 2011. Together they also began Colonsay White Suffolk Stud in 2007.

The Stud was the established to promote and further the advancements of general farm stock organisation and the make farm management more efficient for the average farmer.

The Kelpie was chosen to accomplish this task due to its high levels of trainability and the inherent toughness and agility that the breed is known.

The Suffolk sheep was chosen for the breeds' robustness, ease of maintenance and also to provide farmers with another income stream when wool yeilds fall in drought periods


Keplie's are a breed of sheep dog that has been specifically bred to endure and thrive in the Australian environment.

The breed features a hard working and intelligent behaviour that can be trained to be able work in large open paddocks to small and condensed yards with minimal instruction.

Colonsay Kelpie Pups

The Colonsay Kelpie Stud was founded in August 2011 with the main bloodline being Capree.

White Suffolk sheep are a versatile and robust breed that has been designed to be able to endure and thrive in Australian conditions.

The ability of the White suffolk to be able to sire high lambings while also allowing for ease of flock management through a clean face and points along with robustness of both lamb, ewe and sire.

Colonsay Suffolk Ram

The Colonsay White Suffolk Sheep Stud was founded in 2007 with Flock Number 685 and has a current OJD status of Vaccinated.

For any questions that you may have or for further information as to upcoming lambings and litters please contact us through our Facebook page or email.

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